Birthday Party Ideas For 80 Year Old Women – Decorations

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Birthdays make you a year older than what you were. Birthday is an excellent occasion for celebration. Whatever the age, celebrating birthdays is a great way of simply fun and joy. It is definitely special if you are celebrating 80th birthday of a near and dear one. She can be your grandma, your mother or your aunt.  If she is your grandma, you may have to face trouble coming up with ideas for her to have something special on her 80th birthday. We are going to resolve your trouble by presenting 80th birthday party ideas for grandma. These are more inspiring ideas and a little bit different. Our all ideas are original and creative. On this site we try our best to provide you professional tips and ideas about gifts and party celebration for your family, friends and loving ones birthday events. Anyone can adapt these ideas in order to add some creativity to your party celebration, whatever your pocket has.

So now someone special in your life is about to turn 80 years old. It’s a milestone! They’ve lived a long life and you’re ready to celebrate. Few party ideas are here to make your loved one’s birthday special.

As she gets older and older, she wants to be relaxed and calm, peaceful place to spend her time and your mobility issues, tough life routines can make it difficult to spend time with your old lady. Arranging a birthday party for grandma is a great way to make her feel like the center of attention, but it will require some advanced planning and creativity.

80th birthday party ideas for grandma:

  1. First step is to select the place:

Select the place where you are going to celebrate the birthday party. As you are going to celebrate the event  through a fancy lunch meal at a restaurant, celebrating the birthday at home or going outside for a trip.

2. Second step is to select your guest list carefully.

birthday guest list

You know your loved one best. If she want an intimate gathering of family or friends or she likes surprise parties with a crowd of family members.

You can give her surprise by inviting her old friends on a lunch party.


  1. Third step is to decide the time of celebration.

birthday party time

Afternoon, breakfast and mid day parties are more preferable than dinner. As her age and health matters, don’t disturb her timings of rest. You don’t want to plan a party for her in the evening hours when she may be tired or not up for it. At noon or mid day, she will be more energetic to keep up with her family and friends.

5. Step is to select food items for birthday party

birthday party food ideas

Cake and food items should be according to her taste and health. As elders have some food restriction and they are not agree to try new dishes, new food items, So try to prefer some traditional and healthy dishes for the crowd of older age.

Order or bake a yummy cake for her. You can wish her surprisingly on breakfast dining table.

birthday morning surprise for her

You can put some fresh flowers basket birthday wishing cards in her tray. You can celebrate this event more simply by spending whole day with her and by taking lots of care of her.

Arrange a trip for her

birthday celebrtion trip ideas

If she can still travel without any discomfort, you can plan a trip to a peaceful place. Think of any place that has some memories to her, or she ever wanted to go there, take here on that place. Make sure to plan out the trip so you can cover all of the activities she’s wanted to do. You can make it a family trip; you can take your whole family along, or get together your siblings and make it a Mom and kids trip. Or make it a ladies’ trip and invite all of the women in the family and invite her old friends secretly there.

Here are many other ways to make her surprise and happy on her birthday.

Refresh her memories through photo album

photo book ideas for grandparents

You can make a photo album; just gather the photos of family member, friends and loved ones. You can find them easily from cell phone of your mother, father, and uncle or from family albums. Make a well decorated and attractive album by assembling all cute and memorable event photos.  I m sure she will love it, when you will give it to her and refresh her all memories on that special day

80th birthday ideas for mom

If dear old lady is fond of music and songs, Collect and assemble her all favorite songs on a disk. Play them on party celebration time. If you have the space and budget for it, hire a DJ or band to rock the dance floor. Include the guest of honor’s favorite tunes, or just a great dance mix that will get everyone out of their chairs to celebrate!

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