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Birthday Present Ideas

How often have you heard someone groan “I have no idea what to get so and so for their birthday”, and then they look to you for inspiration. It is challenging to find the right birthday gift, but there are a few ways to get birthday present ideas.

Have They Dropped Hints?

This may seem obvious, but have they dropped hints about what they want for their birthday?  Some people are direct in their hints.  They say “I want that for my birthday”, or they point at something and say ‘that would make a nice birthday present for me”. Some hints are more subtle. Have you noticed them staring at something in a magazine or a shop window? Chances are this is something they would like for their birthday.

What Season is their Birthday?

What time of year does their birthday fall? The season can be a source of birthday present ideas. If it falls in the summer, get them summery things such as outdoor sporting equipment, summer clothes or beach wear.  If it falls in the winter, find presents for outdoor activities, winter driving, and even gift baskets.  For spring and autumn, give clothes for the transition time of year, or tickets to things taking place during these seasons.

Have them make a List

This may seem obvious, but have them make a list of what they want for their birthday.  It may be easier to get a child to make a list than an adult, but keep at them for a list. If they won’t make the list themselves, write down the birthday present ideas as they talk out loud to you.

Special Memories

Do you share a special time in your life with them? If you went to college together, or played in a band at one time, give them a gift such as a college sweatshirt, reflecting your shared memory.

Is it a Milestone Birthday?

Is it just another birthday, or is it a milestone birthday such as Sweet Sixteen, turning 21 or 30 years old? Try to find gifts that are suitable for a milestone birthday. An ordinary gift can become a milestone gift, if you have it personalized, such as charm bracelets, and jewelry. Is there a right of passage associated with the birthday such as being old enough to get a drivers license, or being able to drink? Find a gift that reflects the right of passage.

Give a Memorable Experience

If you can’t think of a material present, think of an experience they would enjoy. Make it more fun by arranging for a few friends and family to go along for the ride.  Birthday present ideas for an experience are:

  • Go to a concert, exhibit, art gallery or museum
  • A day trip to an attraction or historical site
  • An activity like miniature golf, snorkeling, ride a pony
  • Doing a sporting activity or driving a sports car

You can ask them what they would like to do as an experience gift, or you can totally surprise them with an experience they’ve never tried before.
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